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Tamar Frankel

Tamar Frankel is a leading expert in the areas of mutual funds, financial system regulation, fiduciary law, and corporate and Internet governance.

Professor Frankel's recent book is Trust and Honesty, America’s Culture at a Crossroad (Oxford University Press 2006). She is the author of The Regulation of Money Managers (with Ann Taylor Schwing) (2001.2d ed.), Investment Management Regulation, Third Edition (with Clifford E. Kirsch) and Securitization (1991). She has published more than forty articles and book chapters. Her coming book is Fiduciary Law: The Law of Different Fiduciary Relationships: Definitions, Duties, Remedies Over History and Cultures.

Her upcoming work includes: a chapter in a comparative study concerning Conflicts of Interest (University of Geneva), "Essay, What Default Rules Teach Us About Corporations, What Understanding Corporations Teaches Us About Default Rules," to be published at Florida State University Law Review, and "Essay, The Scope and Jurisprudence of the Investment Management Regulation," to be published by Washington University School of Law.

Professor Frankel has been teaching at Boston University Law School and has been serving as co-chair with Mr. Clifford E. Kirsch of ALI-ABA Advance Course on Investment Management. She is a life member of the American Law Institute and a Council Member of the Mutual Funds Directors Forum.